The logo has the shape of a hummingbird and is made up two horizontal curves, two intertwined cercles and five balls.
Taurus, as a bull, represents the force. The sign represents also the earth. The animal is well-grounded (common sens).

The two brown-orange interwined circles represent Taurus Enterprise Engineering and the client's company.
Since our activities relies on a very close cooperation, touching the core business of the client and with a very high degree of exchange, the two circles are interwined.

The two horizontal curves, colored orange and coral, represent two hands.
The two hands are the hands coming together, represent the true partnership between our two companies. They are holding the subject of this partnership: the close cooperation between the companies. The two hands come from an opposite direction, which also means both partners are active in a different fields.
The lower hand provide support, wile the upper hand protects. By protection we understand that our work should be directed toward avoidance of present or future adversities. We must not only care about our client’s company but also of our own company and our own people.
The hands stands for building, work, action, guidance, support and protection. These are the roles our company is offering to our clients.
The hands also represents our forces and competences that keep the company alive and active.

One of the two circles, representing Taurus Enterprise Engineering, is carrying five golden balls. They represents our five values: Respect - Building - Cooperation - Passion - Meaning. These are the values we want to share not only internally, but also with our partners.
The balls on a crickel are like on an orbit. They are rotating. They are not a few words on paper. They are put in practice and lived.

The whole picture is like spinning which means that we must keep on moving, progressing and growing.
The circles and balls looks also like ideas in a working brain, which stands for knowledge, thinking, learning and creativity. We have a perfect combination between the working hands or action and the intellectual work.
The hands are calmly holding the working brain, the partnership, the cooperation and the values. The hands also reminds us that we must keep things in control of our activities.

The vertical axe in the picture is a little bit vertically inclined.
This inclination reminds us the inclination of the earth. The earth represents to us our environment, the source of life and the idea of integration.
It reminds us that we shouldn't limit our view to the inside of a system or problem, but also take a more holistic and systemic view.
The axes also represents that it is all about finding the right balance. It would be obvious to have a perfect vertical axe. But what looks like obvious is not always what is right.
The axe has a right up inclination, which stands for a growh in time.

Their golden color represent different things. These values are noble. They are extremely important and should be sherished as gold. We strive to get the golden medal in applying these values. The ball is known as the perfect shape. When our values are brought up to perfection into a single coherent and dynamic whole, which is the circle representing the company, it will deliver value. The golden color of the balls represent also the benefits.

The colibri is a happy, lively bird. He is lookig and flying to the right, towards the future. The bird flys with a great speed and flexibility and know where to discover flowers full of nectar.

Taurus Enterprise Engineering combines the force, weight, determination, stability and of the taurus, who has its feet well on the ground, with the dynamism and mobility of the colibri.

Orange: A combination of passionate red and happy yellow, orange shares moderated attributes of both colors. Like yellow, orange is intellectually stimulating, but also signifies warmth, energy, change, and health

Brown is an earthy color that is abundant in nature, which makes it perfect for safari styles. Shades of brown symbolize reliability and structure.

Le tout forme un colibri joyeux, bec diriger vers le futur, se maintenant en place ou volant avec aisance, rapidité vers les fleurs bourrées de nectar qui sont les marchés juteux.

TEE marie donc le taureau (Force et Stabilité) avec le colibri (Dynamisme et Mobilité). N'est-ce pas un joli couple ? ;-)
Le colibri vole vers le future (direction de la ligne du temps dans les diagrammes en statistiques.
The color of coral is the highest systems of thinking.

The opposite direction of the hands indicates also opposite ideas. We
One hand give, the other take.

Orange hand: initiative, joy, dynamism . Close to red love, passion,
Coral: a wholistic approach. It supports the intiatievs (orange hand)
brown-orange circles: brown is color of wood: a natural, noble, living, warm, strong material. It represnets growth. Wood is often used for building. Both colors, brown and orange, orange representing initiative, are the main

Taurus Enterprise Engineering BVBA
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BTW BE 0896.202.202 RPR Leuven

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